Welcome to The Joseph Kavanagh Company

The Joseph Kavanagh Company is a metal bending and rolling company located in Baltimore, Maryland. We have a wide range of bending capabilities. Large structural items as well as smaller ornamental pieces can be curved to your specifications. We have a large variety of tools for angles, beams, channels and flat bars. Some applications include brick angle lintels, metal stiffeners, angle flanges, beam supports and bridge tressels. In addition, we have dies and tools for pipes and tubes up to 6" in diameter. We are also able to bend square and rectangular tubes for structural and ornamental applications. By filling tubes and pipes with rosin, we are able to curve these pieces with minimal distortion and deflection. Afterward, the rosin is removed, thus the sections gain no weight through the process and yet we are able to maintain the original integrity and shape of the form. One of our regular items that we bend are handrails. Not only in pipe, but also molded top rail can be radiused per the customer's instructions.

Joseph Kavanagh Company facilities in Baltimore, MD

Our large selection of tools gives us great flexibility in serving a customer's needs for irregular and multiple radius items. Unusual curves and multiple radius items can be bent to either your furnished sketches or templates. For example, we have curved numerous pieces for sculptors and artisans to contribute unique and irregular sections to their projects. Also, unusual extrusions or unique forms often can be curved using special tools or set up procedures. Whether the item is a custom piece or a production item, we are able to bend your material as needed.

Not only are we able to curve steel sections, but also many nonferrous shapes can be bent as well. If it is aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steel, we are very experienced in shaping these alloys. If the particular alloy requires heat treating prior to bending, in most cases, we are able to anneal these items in house.

Also, we can furnish the material prior to bending if you prefer. If this is more convenient for the customer then we are more than happy to quote any job with labor and material.

In our large shop area, we are able to handle and bend lengths of material up to 40 ft. long with relative ease. Please, take a look at our chart of capacities for our all shapes and forms.

If you have any questions at all, please call us and let us discuss your bending and rolling needs. We look forward to hearing from you.